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Diweave companies Group ( http://www.diweave.cz/#!/page_home ) has  Head offices in Czech, Prague (“Diweave s.r.o.”) and Ukraine, Kiev (LLC “Diweave Group”). All our  IT distribution contracts  with our suppliers  are  signed with  Czech company as EC legal entity. Also in Prague  there is located  our transit warehouse, which we use to  accumulate  our shipments and  load the trucks with their further  route to Ukraine.

EU entity Diweave s.r.o.  has  audited  financial reporting many years in row,  so IT distribution business has got  teh  credit lines from our Suppliers  and  payment terms, which are  insured  by European  Insurance Companies.

And  IT Distribution Division is  located in Ukraine (“LLC Diweave Group”): http://www.diweave.com/contacts/

All IT business is made  within Ukrainian territory, all IT goods  are  shipped from EC  to Ukraine  and  sold here.

We are interested in the long-termed partnership  with  good and  reliable suppliers and  trademarks in IT sphere.

We are working for a long time and very successfully with many brands: http://www.diweave.com/postavshchiki/brendi/.

If you are  interested in long-termed and reliable partner in Ukraine, please send e-mail to address karpenko.olga@diweave.com.

We would be very glad  to answer your questions and to make your products and  trademarks to become  popular on Ukrainian IT market.

To let us learn  more about your offers and purposes, please  send  us  your price-list, MOQs, terms of the  order production, the  terms and  conditions  of  the  partnership  - 

financial  and  loading details – EC warehouses location for different kinds of products, seaports in Asia for FOB shipments and etc.


Telecom solutions:  https://billing.design/

Comprehensive Digital Suite for Monetization of new digital world

DMATE Service Enabler Platform (SEP) system is proven solution based on open and modular architecture, which allows to simplify your current architecture, minimize your operational complexity, reduce your TCO and at the end of the day will give you a fully independent and flexible system to gain digital advantages and create market differentiation, to evolve customer experience and to introduce new services seamlessly and rapidly.

The DMATE SEP includes the following main modules; any of each can be installed separately and integrated with existing legacy systems: 

Service Creation Environment

Create and manage new services and products with any business complexity in minutes by configuration only 

Digital Mediator

Plugin based and open approach provides fast and easy integration to any network and any service 

Service Fulfillment

Automates service provisioning ,order processing, inventory management to keep consistently high levels of quality and reliability 

Partnership Management

Comprehensive partnership management solution to manage customers, dealers, agents, resellers, roaming partners, content providers and interconnect partners 

Self Services

Giving end-consumers and partners full control for services and finances 

Revenue Control

Real Time Revenue Assurance and Anti-Fraud solutions to secure your revenues 

Proactive Customer Management

Provides immediate and individualized promotions across all channels and devices based on advanced data collection and real time analytic engines 


The DMATE Service Enabler Platform is a modular suite that enables the service provider’s implement and deploy the new functionality required by the business, with the option to employ additional modules or functionality in the future fast, simple and without any rework of what has already been implemented


With Kindest Regards!

Diweave IT Distribution Team